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Dreamkatcher's line of instant booth services ranging from still photos to videos. 

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Corporate, special occasions and wedding events, Dreamkatcher got your back.

We work closely with our clients to provide customized frame designs for various event. Apart from our wide range of backdrops,  customized backdrop prints as well at an affordable rate.

With our High speed printer, guest will be able to receive their prints in no time. We also ensure that each guest will have their own copy of photos. 

High Resolution photos will be available online after the event, either in a private gallery with password protection or in our common gallery.

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Greenscreen Photobooth

Rather than the usual backdrop from our range, you may opt for a Greenscreen Photobooth where you can have up to 3 different High Resolution Digital background whereby your guest will be able to choose from.

From beautiful city skylines to different celebratory occasions(i.e Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc)

Chat with us to find out more.

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Spraypaint Graffiti Interactive PhotoBooth

Singapore's First Graffiti booth whereby guest will be able to experience personalising their photos using our digital spray cans! Guest will be able to draw/write or add custom stickers to their photos taken at the photobooth. 

Exciting and fun activities for guest to enjoy and exhibit their creativity in them.

Holographic prints

We bring GIF to life! Providing 2-3 transitional photos in a single piece of our newly launched lenticular prints. Available in both wallet-size & 4R size, Portrait & Landscape orientation

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Instagram Hashtag Booth

Up your Instagram presence with your event hashtag! We provide instant prints service for the photos that your guests post on Instagram, together with the event hashtag.

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Whatsapp Photobooth

Whatsapp has become an integral part of our lives, we want photo of us at the event without the need to queue at the booth. 

Guests can then be a photographer as well, photos taken from their phone can be easily sent to our team and have it printed with a customized border of the event.

Simply scan a QR code that is designated to reach our Whatsapp channel, send your photos over, and we will have it printed out photos instantly.

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Roving Photography With Instant Print

An engaging form of photography to capture those key moments of the events and your guests’ raw experiences. While your guests comfortably enjoy the event without leaving their seats, our roving photographer goes around to capture those moments, and send the photos straight to for instant printing.


Document your guests’ experiences at our Video Booth which provides good sound quality and clarity. The recorded clips will be sent directly to your guests’ email addresses.

Boomerang Booth

Looking for more actions on top of still photos? Allow us to develop a boomerang clip from a series of still photos taken at the booth! The recorded clips will be sent directly to your guests’ email addresses.

180 Matrix Booth

A single moment simultaneously captured by our row of high quality cameras from various angle. A short clip that brings out the Matrix vibes, certainly more than just an ordinary boomerang.

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